CFD/Futures Trading with IG

CFD Trading

Flexible and accessible, CFD trading offers you the chance to find opportunity in a huge variety of financial markets – whether they’re moving up or down in price. Trade CFDs with IG, and you’ll have all the expertise of the world’s No.1 provider at your disposal.1

How to trade CFDs

CFD trading enables you to speculate on the future movements in a market’s price – going ‘long’ if you think it will rise or ‘short’ if you think it will fall. This guide shows you how to trade CFDs step-by-step, from opening an account to closing a position, and illustrates the process with example CFD trades.

Benefits of CFD trading

When you buy or sell a contract for difference (CFD) you are agreeing to exchange the difference in price of an asset from the point at which your position is opened to when it is closed. Here we introduce some of the main advantages of CFD trading – including leverage, short selling and hedging – and explain why these benefits are popular with traders.

How well do you know your forex and CFD provider?

In a country like Singapore, with both unregulated and licensed providers in the industry –
it is important to ensure you do your homework and ask some basic questions before
trusting your money and investments with them.

A few basic questions to ask

  • Are they regulated?

  • What happens to your money if they go bust?

  • Are you able to speak to someone locally?

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