All the secrets of achieving your financial goals with your investment timeframe

I do not care about freehold or leasehold when buying private properties, most important it must fulfill my goals which is not like a HDB flat that becomes zero at the end of the lease. Example if you buy a property for rental income and you use that to pay for your car, the duration of your investments is 10 years, you can change your car after 3 years it does not matter, but you must buy back the same budget car, or everything will be messed up. if you use any asset to finance your big item purchases, you must always protect “the goose that lay the golden egg”, buy mortgage insurance to cover the costs if you lose your job or income, never let the banks foreclose if you cannot pay the installments, or you end up worse than you started. I always believe in the good of insurance to cover your risks, especially if you cannot afford to lose that asset. Nobody will tell you such things, but you will lose your pants if you do not listen. The worse case of losing money is you buy an insurance policy and you cannot afford the premiums, because you will lose every single cent and get back peanuts for something you invest for a lifetime.  I always believe in delayed gratification, if you are going to commit your lifetime savings you must plan for it, do not anyhow play play or it will decide your future, you may end up losing everything when cannot afford it, the future is uncertain and you need to protect your income, cover all the risks you are exposed to. Do not be distracted by others and you must always think, if you do not plan your resources for everything you cannot cross that bridge and where do you end up? Start all over again? Crazy idea and I teach everyone never to do that. You rather move step by step and only take opportunities that help you move forward, there will always be another bus to take and it will always come again. Never be greedy to make great money, calculate your risks and exposure, it is always better to wait for the right bus. 

In Life, building “Guan Xi” is the most important, not destroying them, your family is the centre of everything but keep away from Toxic people, even if it is in your family

I can still remember almost 40 years ago when I started my first job at 16 at Macdonald’s as a crew at Liat Towers, the first branch to be opened in Singapore, and I learned many values that will help me sustain myself for the rest of my life. Also at 16, I can still remember the help I was given by an old lady who lives in Macpherson who linked me up with E & E Engineering Pte Ltd to get a loan of $20k for equipment for my first company I started with friends on mobile disco services and I learned many lessons. I am today helping everybody for this remarkable lady who may have passed away but the memories will always remain. What is the use of keeping so much money when your family members is a mess and nobody helps but only take from you. I would rather my children learn the hard way and climb their career ladder like anybody else rather than to spoil them. Remember your family is the centre of influence and you must cherish every bond and sacrifice. But mine is so disfunctional that it can be a lesson learned for everyone else in the world when the centre is all about money, please do not be like my family but centre it on love, you build relationships, not destroy them. and if you do not learn this basic you can never get on in life. So many people I cross in life and you can never tell how their destiny will unfold so if someone who has helped me in life I will never compete with them but bow out of the competition, because I remember, and if I succeed in life I will always pull up others in my past because of the relationship we had in the past. These are the lessons my God taught me or else we are no different from beasts, what good if you rule the world at the very top and there is no-one with you. No man is an Island. Contributed by Oogle.

High Income skills : you must be an all rounder in your industry before you have the skills to maximise your income

Be very careful when you invest your money for a degree because it still does not give you the skills to beat your competition, all it does is like a factory churning out the same products, what skills do you have that is unique which will beat your competition hands down and maximise your income in ways you cannot imagine? I have the formula. 

Never sleep until midday, get up at the brink of dawn and maximise your TIME. Staying on a fixed job without being an all rounder is a dead end road, you can be at the lowest rank at the company but do not stay there, you need to learn all the skills at every department to learn enough to maximise your income, and having just 1 skill is never enough. I define High Income skill, as any skilll or business that can help you make $10k a month and if you are not getting it, it means you are on the way, but never get into a dead end job with no potential, you know if you get to that level of income it is only 1 High income skill, you need multiple incomes in your lifetime and learn the skills of trade-off between your TIME and your INCOME RETURNS. Not learning this basic skill means there is no hope for you to be successful, this skill is not taught in Schools of the Highest calibre, if you do not manage your TIME properly you can forget about managing your RESOURCES successfully. The second most important skill is the KNOWLEDGE OF MARKETS. Basic Economic fundamentals is essential and how many schools really teach them? If not, no degree in education, TOTALLY NOTHING YOU LEARN in school is effective. You need to be street smart in order to survive in any markets, that is why our education system is hopeless to get you a proper job, not to mention for a lifetime. When I move into an industry, I will invest my time and resources to learn everything, be an all rounder and know enough of the problems and solutions that exist in that industry,  so I will have enough skills to understand everything and modify and change anything I want to maximise my income, that is why nobody can challenge me. Being a Manager all your life is a waste when you are close to retirement, you will be paid the highest salary and will be the first to be booted out of the company unless you are an all rounder, and your company need your expertise to make money, because by that time you can solve problems and provide solutions, even doing everything beyond the skills of a Director, that is why so many companies are now failing, because of cost control they only want to hire the young, if you have reached this level nobody wants to sack you, but very few people in the workforce has reached this level. Contributed by Oogle.

My very specific skills which nobody in the world can challenge me, and I only work within these boundaries

I am a catalyst not a miracle worker and whatever solutions is based on your input to get my output, and if your input is skewed, my results will also be skewed. I work on hard facts and data, not here say or fiction, do not expect money to fall from the sky, in life it just does not happen this way. Basically you can ask me any topic but I work best with technologies, the economy and investments, and nobody can beat me because I can see hundreds of views, even charting the path of future with over 90% accuracy. Do not come to me for a fake problem because I will discover everything and shame you, I do not have the time to deal with dishonest people, and I do not expect anything in return. If you find that you have gained from my experience, please donate generously to my Non Profit. If you are a government please prepared your team and all the necessary data. I cannot work on projections alone. I am not a one size fit all and does the work for hundreds of people, you still need an accountant, a legal adviser etc and I will guide you along the right direction. I just do not have the time to do everything myself.

The new norm : Luxuries is no longer defined as the highest priced but membership, regular patronage, perks, and privilages

If I am an airline, I do not want you to just buy 1 ticket at the highest profit and make that profit just 1 time and do not see your face for the next 5 years, what will I gain? Only a 1 time profit. Nowadays smart customers will rather get perks and privileges and be on a frequent flyer program and be a regular customer, benefit both the customer and the company. Same goes to all other companies, this will greatly boost the global economy rather than always increasing your marketing budget to get new customers all the time. If just 50% of the global companies adopt this, the global economy will recover twice as fast. So keeping and retaining your existing customers is very crucial, and you need to know all the secrets of doing it. Very successful companies have done it, retaining as much as 50% of their existing customers this way. Contributed By Oogle.

The digitalisation of all services using these technologies

1) Facial Recognition.

2) Biometrics using Fingerprint scanning. Backup using DNA profiling. Totally no mistake and no way you can fake your identity.

3) Biometrics. Using voice recognition.

You do not need an ID or passport anymore. You do not need ATMs to withdraw cash anymore. Cash will be phased out using digital currency and customers and governments can decide which digital currency to use and it will be fully convertable. Digital wallets will be used and encryption will secure everything. For ICOs new standards will be used at premises to ensure conformity and computers allowing workers access will be monitored 24 hours 365 days a year using cameras and screen capture/text input software, setting the standards for all financial institutions like banks who do transactions and provide funds and trading activity to follow this standard, which means all World Exchanges will also do so and when Blockchain 3.0 is adopted, there is no way you can hack anything anymore, aiding global payments and transations securely and the mass adoption of global trade.

Presently there are so many methods of identity to make payments using mobile numbers, UEN, QR code, but the future we will see a consolidation which companies will use and individuals will use and it will apply worldwide eg QR code in China. I do not control the direction of technology and which technology and standards will be used, it will be determined by mass adoption. 

All these standards will result in the Age of Digital Banks, where customers for loans can be matched wit lenders, and all agreements can be digitally signed and sealed. Digital Banks will have the ability to keep costs low and create massive lending up to 700% of their existing capital, where it will be standard for banks to ask customers to buy loan/mortgage insurance to cover the risk of default of loan repayments and when all these happens, strict capital requirements can be lowered which in directly increase the liquidity for global markets. All these I have already solve all the barriers to global trade for a Perfect Economy. The only way is up and will not go down and those who manipulate the markets using their authority and access will be penalised with fines like what happen last week. If all these happens, all financial goals for mutual funds can be easily met, setting the stage for all to 100% to get their retirement funds without default. 

Fool around with me nobody gets any benefits and you can delay your progress by more than 100 years.

Contributed by Oogle.

Successful investing is all about following your own time horizon and financial goals, not speculating, you will lose your pants

If your mentally is like the Day Trader following the ups and downs of the markets, you are exposed to huge risks you cannot calculated, most day traders do not have the patience to wait until they can liquidate at a comfortable position, most will sell short or sell too late to maximise their profits, I know too well because I spend years doing research creating my models, using AI and ML with models to create an intelligent trading system with what rubbish the present systems can do, I always get what I want when I follow my own time horizon and financial goals, can you trade faster than HFT? Impossible. There is no such system in the world where you can calculate your risk/return in real time, (yet but soon). 

Most advanced Trading system using Neuromorphic CPU, AI, ML with modellng on Blockchain nodes handling billions of threads which is going at speeds never imagine for intelligent real time analysis with the ability to see all kinds of scenerios. I will reach 90% accuracy soon playing with models. Development 3 years. Completion 4th year.

Contributed by Oogle.